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When you choose Dutchie™ you are choosing a premium brand. A Dutchie isn’t made from the bottom of the jar shake like most pre rolls sold at dispensaries. Each Dutchie is in fact made from 100% ground hydroponic flower, all sourced from superior genetics and the same cultivator. All Dutchie flower has been lab tested by independent third parties.

Dutchie’s strains have been in R & D for 24 months and longer in order to isolate the best ones for potency, taste, and overall experience. Dutchie selected a diverse 30 strain offering based on flavor variety and potency after testing over 45 strains spanning a two year period. Visit the About Us page to learn more about the painstaking processes we employ in order to ensure the quality of each and every pack of Dutchie Cannabis Cigarettes. Click on each pack for the strain profile.

Each Dutchie cigarette has been precisely weighed and machine rolled for a perfect and consistent cannabis cigarette experience. Patients don’t have to consume an entire Dutchie in order to feel the effects. Two or three draws from a Dutchie should do the job. A Dutchie is an extremely potent cannabis cigarette, no matter which flavor you choose.


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