The Dutchie™ team is comprised of over 30 people dedicated to the quality of the brand. Each person has their own significant role in cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution.

All sourced flower is hydroponically grown from one cultivator. Every single harvest is tested by independent third party labs in order to ensure absolute premium quality of all Dutchieflower. Flower that meets the extensive Dutchie criteria is then cured for several weeks until all traces of chlorophyl aroma have been removed leaving only the natural and full flavor aroma of each strain. Once optimum flavor has been attained, we then send it to the Dutchieprocessing room which has several stations.

Station number one grinds the flower using a separate grinder for each and every strain (30 grinders for 30 strains). This ensures flavor separation, so that an extremely flavorful strain like Blue Dream or Granddaddy Purple doesn’t affect other flavors. Station number two machine rolls Dutchie cigarettes using a separate rolling machine tray for each and every strain for the same reasons that station number one uses separate grinders. Station number three places the cigarettes in air tight packaging where it is then placed into Dutchie boxes at station number four. Station number five then wraps each individual box in cellophane wrapping with a tear strip, just like large tobacco cigarette boxes are packaged. Station six then takes the wrapped individual cigarette packs and places them into cartons, where they are sealed up and shipped out to dispensaries all over Arizona.

Each carton contains 10 packs of DutchiesDutchie’s are sold by the pack as well as by the carton. There are six potent .5 gram cigarettes in each pack. A pack of Dutchie’s can be purchased for $49. Patients can save 20% by purchasing an entire carton for $392.

Dutchie is not a “pre-roll” made from shake and missing trichomes. A Dutchie is a premium cannabis cigarette. That is the Dutchie Difference.

Enjoy Dutchie™ responsibly.

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