INDICA – OG Kush x G-13
POTENCY – Extremely High
TASTE –  Pungent
MK Ultra is an extremely potent indica strain named after the infamous CIA mind manipulation project. MK Ultra is a multi award winning strain and can go toe to toe with any strain in the world as far as potency. A premium phenotype of MK Ultra has a unique and pungent taste to it. MK Ultra’s effects come on quickly but then tend to produce a sedated feeling. Dutchie’s MK Ultra has been lab tested at over 27% THC and is sourced from a top specimen of the strain. An MK Ultra Dutchie is extremely potent and should be used very lightly by a beginner.
Inside each pack:  All Dutchie’s are machine rolled, precisely weighed, and filled with absolute top shelf bud sourced from the same cultivator, resulting in a premium product. Each pack contains six .5 gram cigarettes.
Please ask your dispensary for this strain’s terpene profile in order to properly medicate.

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