INDICA – Tangerine Haze X Rare Dankness #1
POTENCY – Very High
TASTE – Subtle tangerine, citrus, sweet

Tangerine Kush is a very potent indica that isn’t easy to find or to grow. A premium phenotype of Tangerine Kush will produce a slight orange flavor and deliver a potent high that comes on very quickly. This indica gives the user more of a head high than body high and has been known to give users a quick lift followed by deep relaxation.

Dutchie’s Tangerine Kush has been lab tested at over 26% THC content and is sourced from a top specimen of this rare strain.

A Tangerine Kush Dutchie is very potent and should be used lightly by a beginner.

Inside each pack: All Dutchie’s are machine rolled, precisely weighed, and filled with absolute top shelf bud sourced from the same cultivator, resulting in a premium product. Each pack contains six .5 gram cigarettes.

Please ask your dispensary for this strain’s terpene profile in order to properly medicate.


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